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I was always a people pleaser.

Afraid people would have judged, belittled, or left me, I never expressed my true opinion.

For years, I pretended to be someone else. I knew if I revealed my authentic self, they wouldn’t have approved.

Convinced that punishment would have followed, I knew they wouldn’t have understood.

As a result, I pretended to conform to their ideas.

But silent resentment consumed me whole.

It was still not good enough even while I conformed.

I realised that nobody would respect me if I continued on this familiar path.

Many years later and with enough courage — I accepted myself

I learned how to rely on myself to find happiness and strength to let go of the person everyone wanted me to be.

I understood that happiness cannot be found living to other people’s expectations.

True happiness exists only when I can be unapologetically myself.

Setting boundaries to be the person I’m meant to be is an act of self care, even at the risk of disappointing people.

Yes. I was punished for my boundaries. An attempt to keep me on their familiar path.

But I resisted. I stayed with myself. And I removed my own chain.

I discovered my unfamiliar path to freedom

My journey through the different ecosystems of my life cleared.

Even while I have a vision of what might be beyond, that’s not why I’m here.

I’m here to admire the breathtaking views. Smell the flowers. Rest under the trees. Feel the breeze. Hear the sounds of the forest. Courageously climb the obstacles.

And follow my heart.

As I explore this unfamiliar path, I think… What is the point of the destination if I rush through the journey?

Respectfully, I no longer resent the people that punished me.

I was the one who chose their familiar path.

I chose their acceptance over myself — chained to their ideals.

What I needed was an awakening of the spirit. The belief that my desires mattered and my happiness mattered more.

I asked the Universe to guide me deep within the core of my existence.

And she lovingly answered:

“The unfamiliar path to freedom originates from within your authentic self.”

Celesté is Writerian of Wellness and she loves helping people achieve the ultimate state of wholeness while continuously reminding herself and her circle that life is full of infinite possibilities. With a holistic approach in mind, she's eager to connect with brands that share her core values as an Eco-Warrior, Mental Health Advocate, Ethical Traveller, and Minimalist — we have unlimited potential when we can harness balance, focus, harmony, peace, and oneness. Comment below to share your thoughts. Be well. ♡
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