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Sometimes you have everything under control on Monday and by Thursday you have no idea.

I lost a client and had drama with another, family disputes pulled my focus, a friend left, Eskom load shedding set me back in my business, the neighbour’s dog barked excessively that kept me awake, another neighbour treated me like a criminal, the unkind store clerk gave me unnecessary grief, digital overload took a toll on my mental health while a decreased appetite ruined my physical health, and sexual harassment distracted me from my purpose. All this happened within a week. And while my last nerve hanged on a thread, a seemingly “innocent” sexual joke snapped it right off. At this point, I simply watched in horror as my world crumbled.

Consequently, all I could think about was to put my head down on the pillow and sleep for the rest of the year…

So I disappeared for a week!

Here’s what I learned after unplugging from the world:

  • The power of emergency funds. If you have ever been in a difficult situation, you would know how great it feels to have emergency funds to back you up. As a freelancer, I have only once before now had to use my emergency funds due to unforeseen circumstances, but this time I was able to unplug by choice while knowing bills will still be covered. I learned that saving for an emergency is never a waste of money.
  • Who stayed and who left. I was able to see who cared enough to support me and who didn’t. I learned who I can count on during this waking nightmare.
  • Spring-cleaning breathes new life. This includes unpacking everything and properly cleaning the stagnant air in my home and organizing the messy thoughts in my mind. I learned that making space breathes new life.
  • Resting heals. During my time away from the world, I cancelled all plans. I didn’t spend a single second pleasing anyone. I learned that switching off from the world and focusing on resting my body and mind heals the soul.
  • Forgiveness releases anger. While it’s easy to keep resenting the people that do us harm, it’s a wonderful sense of relief when you decide to forgive, let go and move on. I learned that forgiveness doesn’t mean allowing toxic people back into my life, but releasing the anger sets me free.
  • I’m human. In a world where good and positive vibes are always expected, I forgot for a moment that it’s okay to feel emotions deeply and that it can sometimes spiral out of control. I learned that if I give myself permission to acknowledge my feelings, forgive and remind myself that I’m only human, life slowly returns to normal.

Most importantly, what I learned after unplugging from the world is that choosing myself puts everything back into perspective.

“I will no longer feel guilty for choosing myself.” ~ r.h. Sin

Celesté is Writerian of Wellness and she loves helping people achieve the ultimate state of wholeness while continuously reminding herself and her circle that life is full of infinite possibilities. With a holistic approach in mind, she's eager to connect with brands that share her core values as an Eco-Warrior, Mental Health Advocate, Ethical Traveller, and Minimalist — we have unlimited potential when we can harness balance, focus, harmony, peace, and oneness. Comment below to share your thoughts. Be well. ♡
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